• Emailinfo@megbeerfest.co.uk
  • AddressScout Hut & Playing Field, High Street, Metheringham
  • Open HoursSaturday, 3rd September 2022
  • Emailinfo@megbeerfest.co.uk
  • AddressScout Hut & Playing Field, High Street, Metheringham
  • Open HoursSaturday, 3rd September 2022


Tickets for the event on 24th July 2021 are on sale now!


Online ticket sales have now ended. There will be a small number of tickets available for cash sale on the gate. You can still buy drinks token vouchers throughout the event.

Drinks Tokens

Save on carrying cash by buying vouchers in advance and exchanging them on the day at the drinks token stand. Token sales on the day will be cash only. Note that unspent tokens cannot be refunded. Token exchange values are shown on the drinks page. Drinks token vouchers are available to buy online up until one week before the event.

Voucher for 10 drinks tokens
£17.50 (max 1 per order)

Voucher for 20 drinks tokens
£34 (max 1 per order)

Voucher for 30 drinks tokens
£50 (max 1 per order)

Voucher for 40 drinks tokens
£66 (unlimited per order)

Terms & Conditions of Ticket Sale

Cancellation: If we cancel the event, we’ll refund your purchase within 20 days to your original payment method. Should the event be postponed, you’ll be entitled to choose a full refund or for your tickets/tokens to be carried forward to a new date. Tickets are otherwise non-refundable and non-transferable.

Line-up: If a particular act can’t make the event, we’ll do our best to replace them with an alternative act and notify you through our web site and social media, assuming we have sufficient notice. However, the event line-up and billed attractions are subject to change at any time and without notice, and a change in line-up does not entitle you to a refund.

Trading: Trading at the event is not permitted by ticket holders without prior consent from the event organisers.

Admission and ID: You’ll only be allowed in with a valid ticket and also, for adult tickets, a valid form of ID such as a driving license, passport, CitizenCard or similar ID bearing the PASS mark. Tickets will be exchanged for a wristband to allow you to enter and leave the event. Each ticket is unique and can only be used once. Wristbands removed or tampered with will become invalid. Without a valid wristband, you may be removed from site and/or refused re-entry. Attendees under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult aged 18 years or over, and won’t be allowed in the bar area. Our bar staff reserve the right to refuse service to anyone they believe to be under 18 years of age without valid ID. No re-entry into the event after 10 PM.

Security: You may be refused entry or ejected from the festival if our security staff believe that you’re behaving in a way that’s harmful, dangerous or abusive, if you’re suspected to have taken or be in possession of illegal substances or if you’re not abiding by the Terms and Conditions of ticket sale. As a family-friendly event, we don’t tolerate illegal or abusive behavior. Being ejected from the site does not entitle you to a refund on your ticket purchase, nor any unspent beer tokens.

Liability: The organisers and Premises License Holder will not be held liable for any loss, injuries, theft or damage sustained at the event caused by negligence of the ticket holder or unforeseeable actions of other patrons or third parties at the event. Flashing light effects may make the event unsuitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Attendees are advised that sound levels in some areas of the event may exceed 96dB LAeq and hearing protection is recommended.

Recording: Professional audio or audiovisual recording equipment is not permitted at the event without prior agreement from the event organisers. By purchasing a ticket, you consent to being filmed, photographed or recorded as part of the audience for promotional purposes and/or by onsite CCTV cameras for security purposes.

Environmental: Please be conscious of the local area and its residents. Use the provided toilets and waste facilities on site and try to keep noise to a minimum when leaving. Please do not attempt to park behind the Star and Garter and have consideration for local residents by avoiding on-street parking. There are a number of public car parks in Metheringham, details can be found on the event web site. Glass is not permitted the festival site. The grounds are normally a playing field used by local football leagues and the Scouts and we’d prefer to avoid them being injured by broken glass. Likewise, stoves, fires, Chinese lanterns, fireworks, drones and similar articles are not permitted into the festival. Tents and gazebos are currently not permitted as we want everyone to have a good view of the stage, and you won’t be allowed in with them. However, we’ll review this in light of weather on the day, so keep an eye on the web site and social media. Smoking and vaping is permitted in designated areas only.

Food & Drinks: With the exception of new, sealed bottled water and soft drinks for your children (e.g. juice boxes), we respectfully ask that you don’t bring your own food and drink into the event. We have local traders providing catering on the festival grounds and we’d like you to help us by supporting them. Likewise, our alcohol and soft drink prices are very reasonable, so there’s really no need to bring your own. We may refuse entry at the gate if you are seen to be bringing in large quantities of food or drink and you’ll not be entitled to a refund. Unspent drinks tokens cannot be refunded nor carried over to future events.